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The Muslim Ambulance Society is a premier organization, which was established in the year 1932. Since 1970, the society has undertaken to serve the people of the metropolis in the medical field without distinction of caste, creed and religion.

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You just have to name the health problem, we always have a solution from our network of highly qualified and experienced doctors.

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Whatever may be your health problem, we always have a aolution! Use this link to find a professional medical expert from our network of highly qualified and experienced doctors.
24*7 In Your Assistance

Our qualified doctors are available for assistance and attention whenever you need them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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For comprehensive consultation, medical advice, diagnosis, or therapy at the Muslim Ambulance Society, all you have to do is book a prior appointment by contacting us.

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Get proficient guidance on your urgent cases with the needed critical care and assistance.

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Committed To Providing Solutions Since 1932

``The most lasting contribution anyone can leave is to make a positive difference in other people's lives. Since our inception, the Managing Committee of this Society has been involved in serving the ailing and sick persons with sincerity and dedication. Even today, our service-oriented organization strives to take this legacy ahead and uphold a predominant stature in the sphere of healthcare.``

Dr. Abdul Rauf Sumar

President Of The Muslim Ambulance Society.

Best Practices

Foremost Center For Critical Care

We have evolved from our historical roots in general ambulance service to become a research powerhouse with world-acclaimed experts who concentrate their efforts on:

High-Quality Treatment
  • Provide 24*7 Medical Assistance

  • Deliver Provide Modern Healthcare Services

  • Offer Trust-Worthy Emergency Treatment

  • Team of Adequate Healthcare Professionals

  • Empathetic Nursing Care

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Qualified Doctors

Certified Medical Professionals & Their Array of Specialization

Our qualified team of Doctors and Medical Staff is well-experienced in not just their respective fields of medicines and treatment but also other activities;

  • Patient Engagement

  • Clinical Informatics

  • Point-of-Care

  • Informative & Attentive Consultation

Bringing People Together

To foster good health and wellbeing, we provide consistent and high-quality healthcare services in a welcoming and favourable environment.


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