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President Speaks


It is indeed a privileged


It is indeed a privileged honour bestowed by Almighty Allah on my colleagues and on me to be a member of the Managing Committee of a Society which is involved in serving the ailing and sick persons with sincerity and dedication since its inception 81 years ago in 1932. We all humbly thank the Almighty Allah for giving us a chance to follow the footsteps of our predecessors in this great task of service to suffering humanity. We salute and pay our sincere tributes to the founders of The Muslim Ambulance Society and successive Committee Members for their yeoman contribution in this field. Started in 1932 as an organization to offer Ambulance and Hearse Vans to carry patients from homes to hospitals and vice-versa and dead bodies to graveyard respectively, The Muslim Ambulance Society has grown in stature and sphere of its field of activities tremendously years after years.

Since 1970, the society has undertaken to serve the people of the metropolis in the medical field without distinction of caste, creed and religion. We have been running free immunization centre and free Tuberculosis treatment centre at our Head Office at 154, Kambekar Street, Mumbai – 400 003. where we give full course of free medicines to patients suffering from Tuberculosis including second line of treatment to cases which are having Multi-Resistant Drug (MDR) Tuberculosis. Our annual expenses on this project of ours goes upto Rs. 3, 50, 00,000/- (Rupees Three Crores Fifty Lacs Only) and it is heartening to note that by grace of Almighty, the cure rate at our centre is more than 90%. We also assist deserving patients financially who are suffering from such diseases as Cancer, Cardiac ailments, having major surgeries and post transplant cases, etc.

The Muslim Ambulance Society is also running a Nursing Division, which is affiliated, to St. John Ambulance Brigade. The newly qualified nurses from our division are getting employed at different hospitals and nursing homes in the city. We are also having an Employment Bureau, through which many qualified, skilled and unskilled unemployed persons are sent for interviews and for employments at different firms and establishments. Thus we are having a liaison between the employers and employees for which we do not charge any one.

In March 1988, the society took a big step and established a Diagnostic Centre at 141, Zakaria Masjid Street, Mumbai – 400 009, which provides best of professional services to patients in diagnostics fields, on state-of-art, latest and computerized machines and gadgets with very affordable and subsidized charges (About 50% less than what are charged at other centres and hospitals) which are affordable to all classes of people, of course without compromising on the quality of the services.

Started with 9 staff personnel in 1988, the present strength of our staff managing the Diagnostic and various Collection Centre and 3 hospitals has jumped to about 550 consisting of various communities.

This Muslim Ambulance Society Diagnostic Centre was inaugurated by the then Honourable Minister in the Maharashtra Government and the present Union Home Minister of Government of India, Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde on Sunday, the 13th March 1988. The Muslim Ambulance Society which is managing the said Diagnostic Centre was led by Mr. A.S. Kably at that time. We must admit that the place where we established the Diagnostic Centre was arranged by Janab Bashir Patel Sahab for us. He assisted us in every step to establish and then the progress of the said Diagnostic Centre and later expansion of our activities in subsequently managing 3 hospitals till date. We also remember Late Mr. Yusuf Abdullah Patel for agreeing to donate one X-ray unit for the said Diagnostic Centre which encouraged us to collect more donations and within 3 months we could start a well-equipped semi-computerised Diagnostic Centre on 13th March 1988.

At this Centre, we are having 21 latest dialysis machines for giving Haemodialysis to the patients who are suffering from Chronic Renal Failure and for whom this is the only remedy throughout their life. We charge only Rs. 390/- per dialysis inclusive of dialyzer and tubing, (the lowest in Mumbai) which saves the patient about Rs.400 to 500 per dialysis and that is quite significant in view of the fact that each patient of chronic renal failure has to undergo dialysis twice a week throughout the life as it is the only life saving measure for him/her (as stated above). Kindly note that we are also having 5 more dialysis machines at Imam Wada hospital. We are running about 3-4 shifts of 4 hours each on each machine, thus dialyzing more than 1800 patients per month, which is the highest number of such patients at any centre or hospital in Mumbai.

In the year 2000, we were given responsibility of managing a Nursing Home at Arab Galli, Shuklaji Street Corner, Mumbai – 400 008, which we were managing under the name of The Muslim Ambulance Society Maternity & Nursing Home. Here also, we provided quality professional services with different departments and diagnostic and therapeutic fields such as I.C.U, N.I.C.U, Operation theatres, O.P.Ds, Dialysis, Dental department, Physiotherapy, etc.
Also note that due to our experience and succession in managing the hospital, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation gave us the building of their M. H. Saboo Siddique Maternity Home at Imam Wada to run the Maternity and General Hospital by the Muslim Ambulance Society.

The said hospital has been started since December 2004 with all modern amenities and facilities. This hospital is also having three operation theatres, one of which is built fully with steel. The Operation theatres are equipped with all the modern gadgets to take care of all kinds surgeries. They are also having metallic ceiling with Epoxy flooring and wall coating to reduce all chances of infection. We operate more than 450 cases per month including major & supra-major surgeries at our Operation theatres. The other notable department is fully equipped 12-bedded I.C.U.

We also have well-equipped CT Scan Unit and MRI Department at our hospital. We have installed Brightspeed Elite Select- 32 Slice CT Scan machine from Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and Magnetom Symphony, RS excellence 1.5 Tesla MRI machine from Siemens .The cost of CT Scan and M.R.I. at our hospital is more than 60% less than what is being charged at other such centres. The other notable departments are fully equipped N.I.C.U., Labour room, Male, Female and Paediatric wards.

Please note that both our Centres (The Muslim Ambulance Society Diagnostic Centre and M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity & General Hospital) are having State-of-art and fully computerized and sophisticated machines for Pathology, Radiology (Digital X-rays), Sonography, ECG, 2D Echocardiography, Color Doppler examination, P.F.T., E.E.G, E.M.G, O.P.G, Stress Test, Endoscopic examinations, etc., at the rate which are about 50% to 60% less than what are charged at other centres and hospitals without comprising on the quality of the services.

To provide benefits of our medical services to maximum numbers of citizens, we have started Collection Centres at more than 16 places in Mumbai and its suburbs. Some of these centres are in existence for more than 8 years and are a source of great benefit to many needy persons. At some centres, we have also started doing X-rays, Sonographies and E.C.G. examination in addition to pathological investigations.

The Muslim Ambulance Society is also managing Haji Karim Mohammed Suleman Maternity Hospital since August 2008 at 30, Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai – 400 003. We have added NICU department along with new equipments and machines at this hospital.

We have started Orthopaedic Hospital named as M.H. Saboo Siddique Orthopedic & Trauma Centre at Nagpada where specialized surgeries such as knee replacement, etc are done at much affordable cost.

Recently we have also started 50-bedded Hospital named as ‘M.H. Saboo Siddique General Hospital’ at Hasnain Tower, Shimla Park, Opp- Bilal Hospital, Kausa-Mumbra with all modern amenities and facilities.

The rates for all the diagnostics and therapeutic multi- specialty services at our centre and the hospitals are very affordable and open to everyone without distinction of caste, creed and religion.

We acknowledge and admit that all these activities and progress would not and could not have been possible without the divine help and assistance for which we most sincerely thank the Almighty Allah. We seek His BLESSINGS and HELP in future too. We are also grateful to all our members, our consultants and other doctors in medical profession, our patients and well-wishers and the hardworking and dedicated staff of all our organizations for fulfilling our dreams and the wonderful progress that our Society is steadily making since its inception. We are greatly indebted and express our gratitude to a large number of our well-wishers and philanthropist donors for their encouragement and financial assistance. Without their co-operation and magnanimous donations we would not have gone so far. May Allah bless them all.

We would fail in our duty if we do not mention the name of Janab Basheer Moosa Patel Sahab for his unflinched support. He stood behind us in all our endeavors for last 81 years. He has guided us with his unfailing co-operation in all matters concerned with the authorities in the Government and Municipal Corporation. We express our deep gratitude to him and pray for his success in both the worlds. We are also thankful to other politicians and concerned authorities in Government, Municipal Corporation and Police Department for their co-operation and guidance. Our gratitudes are also due to our present local MLAs, Mps and Municipal Councillors.

Our thanks are also due to all our dealers and suppliers of medicines, re-agents, instruments equipments, etc.

Last but not the least I personally acknowledge the solid support and encouragement that my colleagues in the Managing Committee of the Muslim Ambulance Society have given to me since 1970 when I started giving vaccinations to the children and neonates at our immunization centre. It is because of their inspiration and complete confidence in me that has always encouraged me to work for the betterment of the Society. May Allah reward them suitably in this world and hereafter. My heartfelt prayers are for the Maghfirat of my elders and colleagues and the members of staff who were with me since 1970 when I joined the Managing Committee of this service-oriented organization and have now left this world for their heavenly abode. We have mentioned the names of those great persons separately in the souvenier.

Dr. Abdul Rauf Sumar
The Muslim Ambulance Society.