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It is indeed a privileged honor bestowed by Almighty Allah on my colleagues and on me to be a member of the Managing Committee of a Society which is involved in serving the ailing and sick persons with sincerity and dedication since its inception 89 years ago in 1932. We all humbly thank the Almighty Allah for giving us a chance to follow the footsteps of our predecessors in this great task of service to suffering humanity. We salute and pay our sincere tributes to the founders of The Muslim Ambulance Society and successive Committee Members for their yeoman contribution in this field. Started in 1932 as an organization to offer round the clock 24 hours Ambulance and Hearse Vans to carry patients from homes to hospitals and vice-versa and dead bodies to graveyard respectively, The Muslim Ambulance Society has grown in stature and sphere of its field of activities tremendously years after years.

Since 1970, the society has undertaken to serve the people of the metropolis in the medical field without distinction of caste, creed and religion at our Head Office at 154, Kambekar Street, Mumbai – 400 003. We give life-saving medicines to the poor patients suffering from such diseases as Cancer, Chronic Renal Failure, Post Transplant patients, Cardiac diseases and severe sepsis, etc. From these funds we also give financial assistance to deserving patients who undergo major surgeries and / or are undertaking treatment at different hospitals in the city. Recently we have also been helping deserving and curable Cancer patients under treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital.

from the president desk

Committed To Providing Solutions Since 1932

The most lasting contribution anyone can leave is to make a positive difference in other people's lives. Since our inception, the Managing Committee of this Society has been involved in serving the ailing and sick persons with sincerity and dedication. Even today, our service-oriented organization strives to take this legacy ahead and uphold a predominant stature in the sphere of healthcare.

Dr. Abdul Rauf Sumar
President Of The Muslim Ambulance Society.

The Muslim Ambulance Society is also running a Nursing Division, which is affiliated, to St. John Ambulance Brigade. The newly qualified nurses from our division are getting employed at different hospitals and nursing homes in the city.

We are also running ‘The Muslim Ambulance Society Diagnostic Centre’ since 1988 at 154, Kambekar Street, Mumbai – 400 003 where we conduct various investigations at very reasonable and affordable charges. Our charges are about 50% to 60% less than what are charged at other established and reputed centres and hospitals without comprising on the quality in any way. At present we are offering all routine and specialized services of Pathology, Radiology (Digital X-rays), Sonography, ECG, 2D Echocardiography, Color Doppler examination and alleviating sufferings of patients of Chronic Renal failure by offering Haemodialysis.

It is nice to learn that we are having a very compact and complete Kidney Dialysis Unit at Fauziya Maternity & Nursing Home at 280 Bapty Road, Shuklaji Street, Arab Gali, Mumbai – 400 008 with 26 (Twenty Six) new, imported and latest machines (which is the largest number of dialysis machines in any centre or hospital in Mumbai). We also have 5 dialysis machines at M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity & General Hospital. We charge only Rs. 500/- per dialysis inclusive of dialyzer and tubing charges (the lowest in Mumbai) which saves the patients about Rs.350/- to 600/- per dialysis and that is quite significant, in view of the fact that each patient of Chronic Renal Failure has to undergo dialysis twice/thrice a week throughout life as it is the only life saving measure for the patient.

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation then offered The Muslim Ambulance Society the building of their M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity Home at Imamwada in March 2004 to run Maternity and General Hospital by the Muslim Ambulance Society. We have converted this building into 110-bedded modern hospital to provide cost effective quality healthcare to all classes of people, particularly to the poor and needy population. The hospital is named as M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity & General Hospital and has started functioning since December 2004. The said hospital is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and is being managed professionally and ethically by The Muslim Ambulance Society, making the latest advances in medical technology accessible to the medical fraternity for comprehensive and specialized patient care.

The various facilities offered in this hospital are diagnostic services such as Radiology (Digital X- rays), Pathology, Solography, E.C.G, 2D Echo Cardiography, Color Doppler, Stress Test, P.F.T., E.E.G, Endoscopies, etc. Besides this the hospital is having Out Patient Departments of various specialties and Male, Female, Pediatric wards, fully equipped I.C.U. (12 bedded), N.I.C.U., and Labor room with 2 delivery beds. This hospital is equipped with all the modern gadgets to take care of all kinds of major and supra- major surgeries. It is planned to have clean air facility with the HEPA & Maniple at Filters so as to minimize intra-operative infections. The three Operation Theatres are having metallic ceiling with Epoxy flooring and wall coating to reduce the risk of infection.

In September 2006 we started a new Spiral C.T. Scan Unit at our hospital and the charges for the same are the lowest in Mumbai. It is heartening to note that we have also imported a new and state-of-art M.R.I Machine from Germany. This was a much needed requirement and by grace of Almighty we are now able to serve more purposefully and efficiently the needy patients. The cost of M.R.I. at our hospital is more than 60% less than what is being charged at other such centers.

Further note that we are also running 30-bedded Fauziya Maternity & Nursing Home at Arab Gali, 16-bedded Haji Karim M.S. Maternity & Child Care, Hospital & 16-bedded M.H. Saboo Siddique Orthopedic, ENT& Trauma Centre at Mohammed Ali Road. To provide benefits of our medical services to maximum numbers of citizens, we are also running several branches in Mumbai and its suburbs and one branch at Sultanpur, U.P. where we provide pathology and Radiology and Solography services.

With more responsibilities and more success coming our way, we are now planning to widen the sphere of activities to the localities outside our Metropolis. It is heartening to note that quite a number of new diagnostic and therapeutic centers which have started or are in the process of planning have approached us seeking our guidance and experience. This is an evidence of acceptance of our established policy in this regard. We would like to start and/or assist other such organizations to open more dialysis centers outside Mumbai and other remote areas in Maharashtra. The Muslim Ambulance Society is also working towards establishing fully equipped centers for Cardiac and advanced Orthopedic surgeries.

We acknowledge and admit that all these activities and progress would not and could not have been possible without the divine help and assistance for which we most sincerely thank the Almighty Allah. We seek His BLESSINGS and HELP in future too. We are also grateful to all our members, our consultants and other doctors in medical profession, our patients and well-wishers and the hardworking and dedicated staff of all our organizations for fulfilling our dreams and the wonderful progress that our Society is steadily making since its inception. We are greatly indebted and express our gratitude to a large number of our well-wishers and philanthropist donors for their encouragement and financial assistance. Without their co-operation and magnanimous donations we would not have gone so far. May Allah bless them all.

Our thanks are also due to all our dealers and suppliers of medicines, re-agents, instruments equipments, etc.

Last but not the least I personally acknowledge the solid support and encouragement that my colleagues in the Managing Committee of the Muslim Ambulance Society have given to me since 1970 when I started giving vaccinations to the children and neonates at our immunization centre. It is because of their inspiration and complete confidence in me that has always encouraged me to work for the betterment of the Society. May Allah reward them suitably in this world and hereafter. My heartfelt prayers are for the Maghfirat of my elders and colleagues and the members of staff who were with me since 1970 when I joined the Managing Committee of this service-oriented organization and have now left this world for their heavenly abode.

Dr. Abdul Rauf Sumar
The Muslim Ambulance Society