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Donation – Terms And Conditions

  • The online donations through net banking or credit/debit cards should be used only for making donations to the The Muslim Ambulance Society and the hospitals/ centers managed by The Muslim Ambulance Society. In case you wish to make your contribution to The Muslim Ambulance Society for any other purpose e.g. Sponsorships, purchase of its products and services etc, please use the Cheque / Pay order / Demand draft.
  • All donations accepted through on line methods will be accounted for as the income of the Society and will be applied for the charitable purposes they are meant for. However, if the donor wishes to make a large donation to the Corpus of the Society, then he/she should only use the Cheque / Pay Order/ Demand Draft and state specifically in his covering letter that the donation is meant as contribution to the Corpus of The Muslim Ambulance Society / M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity & General Hospital.
  • The facility of making on line donations is for Indian nationals and Indian organizations, in Indian rupees and also for foreign national or a foreign owned or controlled organization, Apart from online payment the Foreign nationals can also deposit the donation / Zakat amount via NEFT/RTGS in our Foreign Contribution (FCR) account mentioned in Foreign donation page. The necessary instructions in this regard can be obtained by sending an e mail to drraufsumar@gmail.com.
  • All donations will be accepted as donations meant for the various medical related activities being undertaken by the Society.
  • All donations will be eligible for tax deduction benefits under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.
  • The Muslim Ambulance Society / M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity & General Hospital will be sending a receipt for the donation made, enclosing a copy of the certificate under Section 80 G / 35(I) (ii), to the address indicated on the registration form within 45 days of receiving the payment.
  • Please contact Society at by email at drraufsumar@gmail.com in case you do not receive the receipt in the time indicated.
  • All donors making a donation of more than Rs 50000/- are, by law, required to give their PAN number on the registration form.
  • Please note that while The Muslim Ambulance Society / M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity & General Hospital makes no enquiries with regard to the source of funds for the donation, it is imperative for the donors that the applicable laws are followed in this regard.
  • The donors are most welcome to re-assure themselves that their donations have been used for the purpose they have specified. In this connection, they may contact and write to drraufsumar@gmail.com.